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We believe the way to have a truly successful collaboration with our clients starts with a solid relationship built of mutual trust, respect and understanding. Getting to know who we are as individuals is the first step in this process.
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Our method to help your business prosper

Where we add value

Tough to read the label when you're inside the bottle. We help you see the inevitable "blind spots" that occur when you’re nose down in the daily grind & logistics of running your business.

Your business is unique and so is our approach to helping you.

While we have a "Secret Sandbox Formula" that delivers for our clients, we first need to understand your desired results. We begin by uncovering a Brand Position that can be yours alone. Then we bring that to life through a powerful idea and story communicated through all marketing tactics. By following the proven Sandbox structure of Discover, Develop, and Deploy we're confident that together, we can shake some trees in your market.


It has been our experience that unleveraged elements of "greatness" are often buried inside high performing companies. We dig deep to discover key operational and emotional drivers that impact your business and the customers you serve. In other words, we identify where there is alignment and shine some light on those troubling blind spots. The Sandbox Brand Workshop™ helps rally your team as we collaborate to build the thinking behind your brand and business.


Distilling through all of the information about your business and condensing it into a usable format allows our clients to start to see some of the deliverables from our methods. You will begin to understand better the emotional drivers and stories that are behind why your company is successful at attracting and retaining both clients and employees. We will analyze all of the data and develop your unique Brand Position. At this stage we typically hear things like "you nailed it", or "I wish we had done this before", and recently we even heard someone ask "is this witch craft; how did you do that?"


Now that the screenplay and story boards have been created, it's time to throw it on what ever big screens are best suited for your market. In other words, it's time to activate the strategy and position through robust creative deployment. We don’t just make things look pretty, because we know prettiness just for the sake of it is something any graphic artist in his parents' basement can do. We ensure that all creative expression; the words, pictures, video etc., are seamlessly woven through all of your marketing efforts so that they will actually resonate inside the minds of the target audience.

Like a song you can’t get out of your head, it's about busting through areas of the brain that filter out 97.2% of all advertising messages and delivering a Top 40 hit to the specific gray matter where buying decisions are made.





In our world, the phrase "Client" is a badge of great honour, symbolizing the role mutual respect plays in building a long term successful relationship.

Wellsite Cryogenic Solutions

To increase exposure into the USA market while highlighting their unique business model for providing the most efficient “one stop shop” solutions for cryogenic supply. Our job was to sell the entire service package of what they offered while creating a master brand that would speak for itself.


Comprehensive infographics and support materials were designed to educate clients and demonstrate how Ferus are the “go-to” people in the cryogenic industry. A cultural program was also created to strengthen the existing sense of pride and ownership amongst personnel on site, through the use of an earned crest (badge) program. A Ferus stamp now means something.


An entire suite of products was developed from tradeshow booths, signage, advertising, infographics as well as a new website were created generating over 10,000 unique customer impressions across one tradeshow alone. The cultural program was embraced by staff immediately and appeared on leather jackets, awards and other incentive programs.


Official Bean of Calgary Stampede

Heinz needed to maximize their exposure in the local Calgary marketplace as a prominent U.S. competitor was entering the Canadian retail space for the first time. In other words and in true western fashion, “This town ain’t big enough for the two of us”.


Our solution hinged on hitching the Heinz wagon to a place and time when everyone in Calgary is thinking about beans. A partnership between Heinz and the Calgary Stampede was established by making Heinz beans an Official Sponsor of the 2010 Calgary Stampede. We then deputized the product to make it the hero for the 10 day event.


Through newspaper and radio ads, chuckwagon tarps, pancake breakfast tents throughout the city and a variety of printed materials on the Stampede grounds, it was impossible not to know about Heinz being dubbed the “Official Bean” of this globally recognized hoedown. Over 1 million impressions were generated in this 10 day international event.


More Than You Expect

We have a long standing relationship with Strad ever since their inception 10 years ago. They have evolved from being 7 different operating companies to being fully integrated under one brand. Since announcing their IPO 3 years ago they needed an inaugural annual report and master brand that captured and defined their story as an Energy Services company.


We knew this was an important milestone in their growth as a company that required showing strong values and a differentiating proposition to make them stand out. A “more than you expect” brand strategy was developed to demonstrate the Strad Standard in all of their materials.


Through the use of targeted messages about what they stand for and the use of QR codes prospects were directed the website to see their complete list of services. This contributed to over 133,000 unique visits to their website and a 189% increase over the previous year's numbers.


Breathe the Difference

An established company specializing in industrial air deodorization saw an opportunity to market a revolutionary machine for private household use. Our task was to explain an unknown technology to consumers that has no smell, look, taste or sound but can be life changing for those that need it.


“Breathe the Difference” says it all. It speaks to the life changing benefits of the device and we told the story through the eyes of a Care Giver, someone that really cared about the wellbeing of those around them. The brand, logo, marketing materials and website reflect this position.


The development of this new brand awareness campaign is underway, but it is early. Results will be updated as they come in.


From Our Family to Yours

Drive growth in the most hyper competitive of business sectors; grocery retail. We work with this client to deliver on a comprehensive 52 week schedule that includes promotions, weekly flyers, web, social, in store point-of-sale, and prizing.


To re-energize the Family Foods banner we determined a need to re-focus marketing efforts on four pillars developed through a brand workshop with the client. These pillars drive all the creative expressions delivered through the various platforms and programs throughout the year.


The programs we create are designed to drive the client’s unique position of advantage utilizing one or more of the brand pillars, resulting in traffic and display opportunities for the retail stores. The continued evolution of the Family Foods brand under these pillars has supported significant growth for our client and their customers.


Progressive Home Warranty
Doing Right by You

The home warranty business can be viewed as dull, faceless and bone-dry when it comes to representing anything meaningful. But, that’s not the way the category is regarded at Progressive Home Warranty in Edmonton, Alberta. With a highly energized, close knit group that walks the talk when it comes to being focused on family and a strong ethical code, Progressive needed to re-launch their brand with that perspective front and centre as a way to differentiate themselves.


The personality (based on an incredible workplace culture) was already there but Progressive needed to capture it and communicate it publicly. From brand workshops and research we created “Doing Right By You” as a way to express this position on multiple levels; from customers both internal and external to the way they impact communities both in Canada and the Caribbean. “Doing Right By You” serves as the bedrock for a number of marketing initiatives, including the Progressive Foundation established to help build homes in third world nations. “Doing Right By You” also inspires internal efforts that focus on practicing what they preach.


“Doing Right By You” has been a catalyst in building stronger relationships, attracting generous Foundation donations and a solidifying market share in Western Canada. They continue to grow exponentially and maintain the best staff, and find new ways to treat clients like family. “Doing Right By You” has endless possibilities and the results of this positioning are showing up in day to day interactions with customers and community recognition for outstanding work.

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